beachbumusician (beachbumusician) wrote,

confused, and yet lost hope

When you fall in love it's as great as it can be,
But what happens when you fall for another,
you love two,
but there is nothing you can do,
but sit there and chose,

It's hard to chose between him and you,
i don't know what to do,
i wish you did't come back,
you made my life confusing,

Irene L. Lemire

What is love?
Some say it's a blind fold,
covering the sight of life.
Some say it's a trap of the heart,
and it should stay out of sight.
Some say it's a path,
That humans chose to take.
But some say that love just is,
but there are some rules that need to break.

Irene L. Lemire
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